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Why you need a Walker Riley marketing health check

Business is going well. You’ve either achieved or are well on the way to achieving this year’s revenue targets and business objectives. These results were driven by the actions directed in your documented marketing strategy. This strategy aligned all of your activities with your goals and objectives allowing easier decision making and ensuring:

  • Key messages explaining how you add value were targeted with laser precision towards your clearly defined audience
  • The content on your fully optimized website answered all of the questions your visitors had at each stage of their buying journey
  • Your content marketing plan was fully integrated with your social media activities and managed through an editorial calendar
  • Your content distribution and promotion plan considered all aspects of owned, earned and paid media
  • You had a strong, optimized digital footprint and were easy to find
  • Your marketing processes ensured it was easy for your clients to do business with you and fully supported your sales team by generating and nurturing leads to become sales ready
  • You were monitoring and analyzing your activities on a regular basis and continually improving your output

If so, we’d like to offer our congratulations on a job well done.

However, we suspect that like most businesses we talk to, you don’t have a written marketing plan, you’re starved of time, skills and resource and you’re unsure of:

  • Your best performing marketing channels
  • Which marketing activities bring in the best results
  • Why your customers buy from you (and not the competition)
  • Where you can find more customers like them
  • Where your competition are stealing your market share
  • Internal issues and external trends that become barriers to growth

Well you're not alone, most of those businesses we speak to face the same problems.

But you have a choice. You can carry on doing more of the same, spending more of your budget on the same old activities, not knowing what’s working and what isn’t or you can to draw a line in the sand and find a solution to take your business to the next level.

Undertaking a marketing health check will help.

A marketing health check can help you understand and improve the effectiveness of your marketing activities by auditing, researching and analysing your marketing environment to make sure current activities are bringing in the returns you need.

A marketing health check is not part of the sexy and glamorous graphic design or visual marketing process so most businesses skip it and focus their activities at the tactical level for short-term gains. But this is a big mistake because having a better understanding of what's working and what isn't enables you to focus activities on the most appropriate channels and programmes.

Improving results doesn’t always come down to spending more money, it’s about being smart about how and where you spend your budget, ensuring your processes are aligned with your objectives and looking for ways to continually improve results and reduce risks.

Once the bottlenecks, pinch points and barriers to growth have been identified you can create a sustainable, tailored marketing plan to deliver your marketing goals and objectives.

Marketing health check services can include:

  • A Marketing MOT: To provide a snapshot of your current progress
  • A Marketing Review: To look into the likely success of current or proposed marketing campaigns, web builds or product launches
  • A Marketing Audit: To investigate the complete marketing environment as a pre-curser to creating a strategic marketing plan

Before you spend any more of your marketing budget on more of the same, find out if your current marketing activities are really delivering, get in touch for a coffee and a chat.

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