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Why you need to think differently

Traditional marketing services are losing impact and are being superseded by new digital services. Buyers are spending more time searching online for the answer to their problems. They are not engaging with sales staff until they are ready, until they have researched not only what you have to offer but also how you stack up against your competition.

Your online presence must now supplement or enhance what was once handled face-to-face via your sales staff. People are not limiting their search to your website – your audience may be active on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram, they may be searching YouTube or Vimeo.

Because of this, you need to understand where your audience seeks information and you need to be there. Your platforms need to be optimized and branded and content creation and distribution becomes a significant factor that you need to consider in your marketing plans.

Investing time to ensure your business is prepared to support growth will prevent you from fighting too many fires in the future as your business develops and will enable you to focus your efforts on working on your business rather than in it.

But time is a luxury you might not have.

That’s where Walker-Riley can help.

Here’s what we do

We take a holistic look at your current marketing activities, your platforms and your processes to ensure they’re on-track and delivering. We highlight where improvements are required, where activities could be supplemented and we can help plug those gaps.

We focus our analysis on the following 4 key areas taking into account SEO, content and your digital presence:

1. Website

  • Optimisation

  • Content

  • User experience

  • Results and engagement

2. Social media channels

  • Optimisation

  • Content

  • Behaviour

  • Results and engagement

3. Current marketing material and activities

  • Type

  • Distribution

  • Promotion

  • Results and engagement

4. Marketing processes

  • Lead management

  • Email marketing

  • KPIs and metrics

  • Results and engagement

On completion of the session, we will carry out some additional research and then supply a written document outlining any issues we find, along with a list of quick wins and recommendations on how and where you can improve your results to get a better return from your marketing activities.

We can also take responsibility for bringing your platforms and processes up-to-scratch working with your in-house team and your external agencies.

If you’re responsible for marketing delivery don’t let the time and resource constraints you face make it difficult to measure, manage and improve your marketing performance.

To arrange a coffee and a chat, please call us on 01803 413481, or fill in the form.