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Marketing Consultancy

As marketing consultants we know that running a business or managing a marketing department isn’t easy. There will be times when you’re so busy fighting fires that you won’t see how you can possibly develop the business and take it to the next level.

We know there will also be times when you just need access to someone you can bounce ideas off; someone with an impartial view and no political baggage.

You may need help and support for short term activities such as promoting a specific sales offer or increasing sales opportunities in a particular market sector or geography. Or you may have a longer-term project such as a new web build or a new product launch.

At Walker Riley we focus on a process of continuous improvement. And we have a range of marketing consultancy options to help you:

  • Plug the marketing resource or skills gaps you may have from time to time
  • Access marketing advice from experts who can spend time supporting your marketing needs
  • With guidance, support, advice and recommendations on your marketing activities

Between us we have over 45 years marketing experience in senior sales and marketing management roles within a mix of corporates and SMEs.

Our marketing and digital experience marries business strategy across B2B and B2C market sectors with the customer perspective, creating stronger engagement across the business, the brand and for the customer, to deliver the best experience and commercial success possible.

We are CIM and Google qualified marketers.

We work with our clients and customers to build their digital presence, identify their target markets, understand the key issues faced by their target audience and provide on-going support to help their business grow.

Engaging us on a retainer from as little as half a day per month means you always have telephone, email or in-person access to the skills, experience and advice you need, when you need it.

The longer we work with you and get to understand the cross-over between your expertise and the needs of your customers', then the easier it becomes for us to see the big picture and to help you build a sustainable competitive advantage.

If you need help and support to plug those marketing gaps without the high cost and hassle of recruitment, our strategic planning and outsourced marketing services provide a practical, flexible and affordable solution.

Before you spend any more of your marketing budget on more of the same, find out if your current marketing activities are really delivering. Get in touch for a coffee and a chat.

Contact us today on 01803 413481, email hello@walker-riley.co.uk, or fill in the form.